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Complete Medical Clinic


We provide a full range of prescription treatment which is a phone call away


We provide a full range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments including dermal fillers

Minor Surgery

We provide a full range of minor surgery procedures including mole removals

Medical procedures

We provide a range of procedures including cortisone joint injections for arthritis

Welcome to Ukiyo Clinic

We are a UK based clinic on Hagley Road, Edgbaston in Birmingham.
We are a group of Practitioners that are passionate about caring for your health. We are all registered with our UK medical and professional board, which means you are in safe hands. Rest assured that you and your family will be treated with care and respect when you receive treatment from Ukiyo Clinic. We aim to offer a first class service to our patients, so they avoid the stress of having to wait for hours to see a Doctor. Now you can receive quick and safe treatment over the phone and through video chat. Our clinic also offers a face-to-face appointment system, so you can book in to see one of our practitioners when you need.

‘Ukiyo’ originates from 17th century Japanese culture which means ‘the floating world’ – and describes the beauty of living in the moment. It is the root of the retro-futuristic art we see today. We aim to combine the science of today with the beauty and tradition of historic cultures.
Ukiyo Clinic – Taking care of your health, so you can enjoy life.

Private Prescription Treatment

Ukiyo Clinic can provide you with private prescription treatments. We will always strive to provide you with safe and efficient care.

We provide private medical treatment to anyone living in the UK. If you have any questions just email us on

We can treat anything, including anxiety, depression, chest infections, urinary tract infections, male pattern baldness, and much more. We can provide this treatment to you via a telephone consultation and then send over a prescription to a chemist of your choice. It’s as easy as that!

The digital age is here and we use it, to make your life better.

Aesthetics – Non-surgical cosmetic procedures

We also provide award winning aesthetic treatments. We offer a full range of dermal filler treatments. We can provide nose jobs (non-surgical rhinoplasty), reduce dark circles under your eye and define your jaw or cheeks.

Ukiyo Clinic also provides wrinkle reducing injections. Using these injections, we can also treat a gummy smile and give you an eye brow lift.

At Ukiyo Clinic, as the name suggests, we are fascinated with the art and beauty of the East, and this is why we focus on the philosophy of aesthetics, meaning we combine art and beauty with science to provide unique and safe procedures.

Minor Surgical procedures

At our clinic, we provide minor surgery procedures for all patients in the UK. We can perform mole removal, skin tag removal and lipoma removals among others.

Medical Procedures

We provide a range of procedures, including steroid joint injections for knee or shoulder pains, we can also provide and ear syringing and microsuction. You will find that all our procedures are listed at affordable prices.

Massage Therapy

Ukiyo Clinic also provides a massage clinic. We have a International Certified Massage Therapist who can provide you with a relaxing and stress free massage session. We can take care of those aching backs, shoulders, feet, legs and even hands.

Weight Loss

We all know that losing weight is not easy, and at times, it can even get you down –  For most of us, losing weight is a struggle we have dealt with for many years, with little or no results. We understand that losing weight can be difficult, this is why our clinic has a dedicated team of nutritional advisers and exercise coaches that can make losing weight easy! We also provide prescription treatment for weight loss, making the journey even easier.

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